Thursday, January 29, 2009

a day with heida and dad . . . and rodeo and cartier and barneys and . . .

a day later,
we were back at it.

you see, with heida (la "step-mom") in the mix,
we had to bring game.

so, where to turn?

that's right.

we went for the BIG GUNS.

a little stroll down rodeo in january (68 degrees)

some window shopping,
and try as she might,
she could not guess the ultimate destination

she should have known.

it's a rough time financially for everyone.  we're all scraping by.

that's why god gave us cupcakes

the inevitable red velvet, the undeniable lemon ginger, the ultimate vanilla bean milk chocolate.

it leaves you . . . sated in the sun.

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The Concrete Commentator said...

ooo.. i miss me some sprinkles!!