Friday, January 9, 2009

NYE 08 (dinner at lucques, roses, the abbey, confetti, dancing, and why i can't kick the stupid head cold)

ok, have had this head cold for two weeks.
it won't go away.  gets better.  gets worse.  gets better.
i'm not sure all the going out is helping.
but it was new year's eve.  i HAD TO GO OUT.
lucques was filled with roses and pink light,
with a "moulin rouge" celebratory menu.
we ate, drank, and reviewed our "annus horribilus/amazus"
then, off to the abbey,
entering just in time for the countdown.
Mac had obviously started before us . . .
wedgies.  eduardo a few drinks ahead of  us.
let's hope that champagne, roses, confetti, and patent shoes
are signs of the new year!


deep_in_vogue said...

get better !

designerman said...

i'll trade you some drawings for eduardo...;)