Monday, January 12, 2009

RE-GROUPING : scattered moments from early january . . .

ok, catching up on the detritus, so the memories don't escape into the ether . . .
dinner out at A.O.C. with eduardo and mac,
getting to know each other.
i think tim was three margaritas in, hence the lovely "soft focus" effect.
oooh, dinner at Mozza,
mario battali's restaurant. 
this is the "mozzarella bar".
yes.  a whole bar.  that just serves different preparations and kinds of mozzarella.
ate here with philip williams and his amazing wife joanne.
we LOVE these two.  LOVE LOVE.
phillip is an amazing art director, joanie owns a stunning jewelry gallery/store on third.
i want to be them.
um, this is the unfinished top of my new desk:
claro walnut.
dinner at eduardo's.  mac cooked.  tim and i ate. 
the most stunning sunset of the month:
aaaand, we're only halfway through january.

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