Wednesday, May 20, 2009

COMING ATTRACTIONS : Torera behind the scenes

somewhere on melrose place,
behind an elegant storefront,
a crew of newly formed friends
got to work.
there was the designer:
(eduardo lucero, sorting shoes.)
the director:
(practicing pensive.) 
the cinematographer:
(no, you may not have parker.  he has a girlfriend.  yes, i checked for you already.)
the producer who was a model :
(la bang.  hard at work.) 
the producer who was also a chef :
(tim was swarmed at the grill.) 
there were cocktail parties :
and matadors :
and yes, the half naked male model for those of you whom have come to expect such things of me:
and though the fittings were fun :
and the torera was tempestuous :
it was the pomegranate seeds in the salad that threw everyone for a loop :
once again, tim's cookery steals the show!


Iheartfashion said...

Can you rent Tim out for parties? For his cooking, I mean...

Gretta said...

Next time I want "full-naked male model".