Tuesday, June 2, 2009

FLASHBACK : dad and heida, Koi and Royal T

and as usual, it involved food,
food, and food.
dad and tim and i out at koi, 
then wandering la cienega during the design showcases at night:
then, a few days later,
heading to culver city to have brunch at 
a japanese "manga" tea house,
very very "kawaii"
(google it)
that also happened to have a few richard prince paintings,
a few john currins,
a few "landis about to pass out from hyperventilation"s:
no, seriously,
and i know how this sounds,
but how much better does it get than
eating kobe beef burgers and looking at world class modern art?
of course, tim found the japanese installations fascinating.
then he and heida found the "party pod":
dad was highly amused.
i LOVED this place.
it's a new "go" from the landis guide.

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