Wednesday, June 3, 2009

GRIS MEANS GRAY - the may musings

one of my favorite parts of our home, 
looking up from the daybed in the living room on a "marine layer" morning.
vladimir on the wall.
how a sunny, sweltering day on the roof can turn.
suddenly cool and somber.
the soft gray stone in eduardo xol's back garden during a barbeque
the rick owens gray called "dust"
the undefined color of avec,
insistent upon being in the chair with you.


justme said...

i love this post. most of all, the picture of the dogs. their expressions crack me up.

Carrie D said...

these posts with some of your house always turn my head because i see things i remember. like those chairs leaned on the table on the patio. i think you've had those forever. strange to think of them, and vladimir, in a new place i've never seen. makes me think how we all change & move on, but still stay the same.

guess i'm missing you...

or maybe i'm missing our 20s.

probably both.