Monday, July 6, 2009


did another shoot this sunday
with the intent of polishing my b&w skills.
after, still wondering which i prefer:

or color?
i'm listening . . . votes?


justme said...

i'm always partial to black and white and greys. so, i thought i had my answer to that before I even looked at the pictures. with the second picture, i still would say black and white...but the contrast with his skin in the color (first one) is beautiful.

Whiskeymarie said...

First one- b&w, the second- color.

That's my 2-cent's worth, anyways.

ricola said...

I'm with Whisky.

sonu said...

I agree with justme... his skin is so rich and provides a perfect contrast to the white accents. the second picture is a celebration of greys and works well in b&w. I'm all about b&w right now... check out my blog to see my take (i'm a color forecaster)