Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Moldavia, that's where. and denise richards. jared leto, too.

when jim and lyle insisted on stopping by this "place" in beverley hills on our way back
from the beach, little did i know i had already been.
when we pulled into the small european country 
(hard to find on a map, still)
i vividly remembered the happy times leading up to the tragedy.
how the whole wedding party was so happy,
yet on edge.
how catherine oxenberg was still having trouble acting,
and everyone suspected alexis would wear a hat.
how "moldavia" would never be the same 
after the season finale massacre 
that none of us saw coming.
the grounds were even lovelier than i remembered.
the neighborhood was definitely growing.
witness a neighboring "country", under construction:
i think jim and lyle would have moved in if one of the doors had opened.
and as if the "Dynasty" references weren't enough
(for those of you too young, rent.)
i suddenly remembered why it REALLY felt oddly familiar.
i HAD been to moldavia before.
i shot denise richards when she was just a baby model,
right in that room on a huge red velvet sofa.
it was my second (?) commercial ever,
for Secret.
jared leto was in the spot as well,
and spent most of the day walking around without his shirt on,
talking about his band.
between the two of them,
the future of hollywood and reality television.
in one made-up country.


Carrie D said...

What are you...plant life?

Jim said...

I think I need to put more thought into what I wear when I go places with you. I can do better than this outfit.