Monday, August 31, 2009

pretty things worth posting -

hello darlings.
sorry if i've seem a bit distracted recently,
missing posts,
throwing up pics without explanations,
it's been a transition time here,
i've spent my summer buried under self-inflicted projects,
all of which will be leading up to some unveils over the next few weeks.
all good, all grueling workloads, all with intended results.
in the meantime,
i've neglected feeding you the normal collections of fancies that keep us all hopeful
that the beautiful in life
trumps the ugly.
in no particular order other than that summoned by my slightly wildfire addled mind,
(the fires are raging south of los angeles.  apparently the smog now makes us all slightly sick.  glee.),
pretty things
that made me happy this month:
an hermes leather custom wrapped leica camera.
the common projects (great little label, babies) 
"naval grey" slip on shoe.
if only it were a color i adored.
molded and drum dyed leather gloves from christian carol poell.
not christian siriano.
this man is a literal genius,
and he has no catch-phrase or shoes at payless.
there's a reason.
yes, this tuxedo is covered with photographic imprints of a crowd at a rock concert.
no, i normally do not like pattern.
yes, i must have this.
for the next concert i go to.
deerskin drum dyed leather jacket
by christian carol poell.
with built in gloves.
this dreamy, dreamy, dreamy dress from the givenchy couture.
and for those of you out there saying things like:
"but where does anyone wear these things",
you are missing the point entirely.
you wear these things
because you have to desire something
in order to love it
in order to understand it
in order to enjoy it.
and look, the four stages of relationships:
desire, love, understand, enjoy.
then you can marry it in this.
these are just valextra purses.
in the way obama is "just" a president.
or celebrity deaths are "just" the hottest trend right now.
(too soon?  no, i don't think so.)
matt loewen eating cake.
a dior joiallerie ring.
a dior couture model hanging from a balcony.
a reminder to support the arts.
an appreciation for the trend in taxidermy headgear.
don't ask.
just enjoy.

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