Sunday, August 30, 2009

smoke gets in my eyes. and that's pretty rough, not romantic -

for those of you keeping track of things,
the los angeles fires are particularly scary this year.
while most of them occur south or north of the actual city,
they nonetheless affect the whole metropolitan area.
we woke up three days ago with crushing migraines,
feeling nauseous, listless, and moody.
and no, it was not because we have no money for the final barney's designer clearance.
though that didn't help.
it's apparently because the fires are so huge,
they literally take the air quality in this city to red alert,
and you are advised to not be outside if you don't have to,
don't exercise unless you want your lungs to burn,
and to keep pets indoors.
not that we don't already keep them inside.  on the couch.
but this picture might help illustrate it better.
these were taken from hollywood, of the "station fire" that is raging out of control,
around mid-day,
this is one of four fires around the city.
cross your fingers.
and hold your breath.

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