Wednesday, October 10, 2007


i have meticulously gathered EVERY toy in the house and lain them around me like spoils of war. do not even think of picking one up/edging towards one/making a move.

for then i will be forced to chase you down, tug it away from you, and return to my lair.


TravelGretta said...

Um, girlfriend? Avec has only three toys?
You best be doin some shopping in Vegas.
Caesar's should have a Pooch Palace or something.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful dog.Where did you get those green dog toy bones?I used to have dog beds in the house too but my dogs rather sleep on the floor or on the rugs.

landis smithers said...

gretta: there are far far more toys than pictured. we just regulate their dispersal. as you can see, it could get ugly.

anon: the bones are wagwear, they are great. pistachio flavor.