Saturday, October 13, 2007

where i've really been -

vegas. glamour? gambling?

no, not exactly.

it was staging fashion shows, last minute late night editing of behind the scenes videos of the tv shoot videos, running around to breakout sessions, middle and sub-middle america slot machine avoidance, "high" rollers in really bad jewelry and hair scarier than patti labelle's new wig collection, tons of super high energy field employees filled with info and requests, evelyn, tim, todd and i keeping each other sane, todd oldham meeting greeting, lots of everyone trying to convince me not to leave (no specific reason, they're just nervous), shopping, evelyn's bday at bouchon, red alligator patent leather booties, not sleeping, more patterned carpet than a empire carpet commercial, followed by rain delays, and flying back to san jose, not san francisco.

so, light.

1 comment:

TravelGretta said...

Um. I'm going to need to see a photo of the booties.