Wednesday, October 31, 2007

the patterns of this place -

there is a glorious, overwrought repetition that keeps following us around hong kong.
whether the gold leafed screen mounted on the veined marble of the lobby walls:

or the almost lyrical hum of the air conditioners in the tenements, and their dance up the sides of the buildings:

or the suprise of the further chocolates concealed within the chocolate ball,
covered in (suprise!) elaborate pattern:

the tiny glass beads on the outside of a menu at lumiere, on the eggshell tabletops:

the omnipresent (from scaffolding to floral design) rhythm of bamboo in this space:

and the child-like romanticism of their line-work:


underneath said...

I love your scarf, handsome.

Gervy said...

A beautiful post. Clever boy.