Wednesday, October 31, 2007

sofia suarez and the case of the last night blues -

you know how every once in awhile when you're traveling
you run into someone really amazing that you wish you could pack up in a trunk
(something by goyard, but preferably valextra)
and bring back with you.

yep. that's sofia.

we met at the lane crawford party, she's their marketing brand voice creator/keeper/networker person . . . and she's that perfect blend of biting, sweet, funny, and sly.

our last night in HK, she swept us through the city,
from an art auction at the quee club,

where we met her equally adorable/packable friend amy . . .

to drinks and noshing zuma,

to a halloween party at mint,
then drinks late late at some italian bar across from the abandoned police station.

whirlwind. a little like our sofie.

1 comment:

Iheartfashion said...

LOVE your Gucci pose-very cute!
And I'm living vicariously through you and Tim, really enjoying your trip to HK. I haven't left the country in 2 years, so I'm SO jealous...