Monday, October 29, 2007

reasons i'm never leaving hong kong #4 : the four seasons hotel

the four seasons hotel, hong kong.


Alice Olive said...

Great photos and completely understandable as a reason to never leave HK.

I learnt a new word recently which I believe applies...

Voluptuary - a person whose life is devoted to the pursuit and enjoyment of luxury and sensual pleasure.

Would there be anything wrong with that?!

landis smithers said...

i don't think there is necessarily anything wrong with being a voluptuary (the past two weeks sure as hell have applied) except for the fact that the word is often followed in the dictionary by the terms "gout", "jet lag", and "sloth".

Iheartfashion said...

Looks like you're having a ball!

Stacy said...

I love that pool. Are there some sort of images tiled into the bottom of it?

I'm also digging your red trunks!

TravelGretta said...

I was not told that there would be so much porn on your blog today.

I would have bought Junior Mints first.

FAB hotel, and the weather? Are you kidding me?

And I see someone has been keeping up with his gym membership. I'm sending those photos to Details right now.

landis smithers said...


that was my other career option.

well, watching it.

the weather is killer. hotel's not bad either.

but officially ready for puppy time.

landis smithers said...

ALSO, to be clear, stacy started the porn thing. remember? hot husband in tightey stripeys?

i can NOT be faulted for following a trend, people.

Anonymous said...

Wow - I'm in love. I can't stop looking. Oh yeah. Sure, you look good in the red, but let me get back to the beautiful bathroom. Oh yeah!

TravelGretta said...

Kevyn was photographed INSIDE the house - not out by the pool, frightening those poor, innocent Chinese people with his giant manhood.
(I'm all about the flattering today).

editor said...

always good to find a guy with a long...arm

to take pictures of you together when no one else is available!

now why would you leave this place???