Tuesday, March 11, 2008

shopping on a budget of nothing -

and that, my friends, represents how i approached this round of comp shopping in new york.

it was excellent timing because:

1) the new spring lines had just hit the racks

2) i was on a newly self-imposed resolution budget

3) it was new york where you can find anything your soul craves

yes. excellent timing.

i think it was best summed up when we walked into barney's and saw this:

oh yes. that's an invitation to the dries van noten trunk show. uh huh. savor the irony.

or, perhaps, the swarm of newly acquired lines like rick owens.

oh yes. tons upon tons of rick owens.

this was NOT my dressing room. i think it was katie holmes'. or her stylist's. either way, i could only pull myself into half of the yellow dress before katie came back and went all crazy on me. she kept hitting me with that HUGE red birkin and i just stood there, making the point that it takes confidence to wear these kind of clothes.

the kind of confidence she just doesn't have.

then connie said something about lunch, and i took off the dress, put suri back in the birkin, and left katie to think over the lesson.

this, this is later in the week.

it's a store we have in san francisco called de vera,
filled with just beautiful beautifulness.

lots of precious antique glass and sculpture and jewelry and bowls and objets.

like this.

a bronze sumatran temple guard dog.


now this was a serious temptations.

i ALMOST caved and bought it. almost, my friends.

luckily i had left my cash at the hotel,
so was unable to pay out the full fifty eight thousand dollars on the spot,
so i put it on hold to think on it overnight.

there's that "open squint" again. go richard go.

i found a place where my budget,
and bunnies,
could live harmoniously:

all from a little store t-gret might be familiar with :

chocolate really does solve many of life's tougher issues.


TravelGretta said...

Oh my God - a Vosges chocolate piggy!!!!

And, honey, if you can afford Vosges, you can definitely afford Dries. It's all about perspective.

Couldn't you just have someone do a cast of Grrr, instead of spending $58K?

landis smithers said...

ah, see, i think tim has a term for you. and that term is : ENABLER.

plus, i don't think grr would sit still for a cast.

Anonymous said...

Tell me Suri didn't convert you into a Scientologist? Send me the chocolate bunny and no one gets hurt!

Whiskeymarie said...

I'm not sure I fully understood this post.

Maybe you could send me a few pieces from the Dries Van Noten line and some Vosges chocolates and I'll figure it all out.

moi said...

Dang. Am I the only one gonna comment on that yellow dress? Must have for friend's June wedding. Doubt I'll find it on eBay, though.

editor said...

the real dries invite, the one that ran full-page color in the nytimes is tacked up for me to enjoy. that invite is a. pre-TTY, b. says "dries van noten" on it, and just seeing that makes me happy, and c. was an evil evil evil test of my resolve to do no shopping for a while. i passed!

the rick owens dress is not for me. no clingy, drapey anything for me. but i would love one of his jackets/blazer/coats/t-shirts/sweaters. and a pair of ann demeulemeester boots, while we're at it.

editor said...

oh, and i had a really important question in response to your response to today's post on my blog.

Iheartfashion said...

*Sigh* Rick Owens...I want it all, but unfortunately I'm also on a self-imposed budget. I can't even go IN Barney's; it's just too dangerous.

i am playing outside said...

i miss NYC.