Sunday, March 9, 2008

time to make the donuts -

i can't promise it's going to make any sense at all.

first, you start with like hundreds and hundreds of images, artfully arranged and subdivided:

and surround yourself with books and friends,

and then we spend several hours (days/weeks) playing with the pictures, putting them in randoms piles. no reason. just cause it's pretty.

sometimes you can get a little lost in the racks of ideas.

or sometimes you can just spend too much time practising tyra's "open squint" for the camera.

now see, that's lazy.

some people just insist on derailing the delicate process of the afternoon.

we call them "selfish".

or "connie".


we eventually cobble all of these images into something coherent.

we spin it, polish it, and refine it over weeks.

eventually we get to put it together on film,
and edit it, and air it.

oh yeah.

then we eat cupcakes.

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