Wednesday, March 12, 2008

when in the big apple, eat like pig -

ok, i'll try to keep this painless.

this is going to be alot of pictures of us out eating. sitting. and eating.

like at fred's upstairs at barney's.

i KNOW. i can't believe the sheer lack of self-humor they have about it, too.

or at Da Silvano,
where connie and kira started playing out tim case's inner fantasies.

well, maybe quite a few guy's fantasies.


and by "pigs", i mean kira and con.

but the tiramisu WAS good.

i think we ate so much richard had to squint to see us.
or something.

then wagiyu,
the new restaurant in the gramercy park hotel.

luxe chinese.

d. lish. us.

the bowery park hotel bar

where some old friends showed up to hang:

yes, the fireplace was warm,
the drinks were strong,
and the tales amusing . . .

such a nice way to wrap the week.


TravelGretta said...

Are you STILL tan from B.A.???


Inarticulate Fumblings said...

We're of the same mindset when it comes to New York and Food. I can send you a long list of recommendations if you want it.

Will be sure to check out Wagiyu the next time we're there.