Thursday, November 27, 2008

ATLAS SHRUGGED, a gift from my grandfather, a reminder of what shaped me -

when i was 10,
(true story here)
my grandfather handed me this book.

he would do this every now and then, hand me a book.  i learned that there was an expectation attached to the gift, that you would read it, and not discuss it, but absorb it.  learn from it.  that he was handing you a piece of himself that he thought important to your life.

if you haven't read ayn rand, it's a big tome for a ten year old.

i loved it.  

i think her philosophy altered me and gave me such a sense of confidence,
of belief in the creative will,
of the "virtue of selfishness" (her words, though easily mine),
that i re-read it every three years for a long time.

to revisit dagny taggart.  and john galt.  and myself.

if you haven't read it, i don't know if i can recommend it.  it's an intensely personal book, it would be like recommending a memory that gets gilded with age.  or a religion that you practise in privacy.

but on this trip, i took it and read it in the mornings.  late in the night.  on the plane before i slept.

and i reconnected with my grandfather.

and myself.

the book is about change that one chooses.  and how it alters the world, and the self.

it felt like good timing.


editor said...

hmmm, interesting. many people have told me that i would relate very strongly to this book.

Sara said...

You are so right - some books are like memories that become parts of life and living and growing up. I love rereading those books that meant something profound to me at one point and reconnect with that me and that part of my life. Fantastic post.