Wednesday, November 26, 2008

dinner at sucre, a buenos aires gem -

we DID work our asses off on this shoot,
but we made the most of our evenings, too. . .


sucre is at the heart of the park in buenos aires,
a concrete bunker that could be smack in the middle of los angeles,
or on the edge of brooklyn,
or in beijing.


it has that continental anonymity that is still striking when you enter it,
and the food is my favorite in a city riddled with steak and pasta.

so there we headed for dinner with the client . . .
and it was easy.  it was funny.  it was riddled with talk of all things
work related.


i'm guessing that's what
blood orange and porcini mushroom risotto with pecorino
can do to a group.

you heard me:


it was floral, bitches.  and i ate it ALL.

(that's why there's no actual picture of the food.  i ate it ALL.)

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