Tuesday, November 25, 2008

a quiet night out with the core team that is forming my new work world. can you feel the energy?

i love how people surround you in life,
suddenly rushing in when you least expect them,
and you look up from your menu
and there they are,
a bit dazzling.

and you think,
i met her through a friend at work,
and her through a work connection,
and him? 

i've grown up with him.

these tethers we have to each other are so precious,
and they lead us to each other.

if we are lucky,
we get to collect many strings,
and look up to place our order
with people who already know
what we're going to say.

1 comment:

karinstuck said...

aren't we fortunate? I'm so glad for the wonderful people that I meet in my life. Thank you Landis, thank you Kira, thank you Michael, thank you Be... for crossing my path, for being part of it. Love you!