Monday, November 17, 2008

the glamour of international production, sao paulo airport style -

oh yes.
it is a glamorous life, my friends.

standing for hours at the teriyaki stand in the sao paulo airport,
watching the plastic surgery go by.

eating "STAX", not pringles,
coke zero,
and tiny ice cream,
because there is no way on earth i was eating sushi from an aiport kiosk.


envy us. 


Carrie D said...

"watching the plastic surgery go by" - nice one.

Looks like the airport itself has gotten a facelift since last I saw it!

stacy said...

i was stuck in sao paulo airport for about 3 hours... i ate pizza while i watched the plastic surgery go by.

designerman said...

good rule of thumb: sushi + airport + language barrier = avoid at all cost.