Thursday, November 20, 2008

where ARE my manners? its time to introduce the crew! so let's go to dinner, and let's tango, argentine style . . .

i need to tell you about this motley rag-tag group. 
after all, we spent two weeks wandering the streets of a foreign land together,
putting together film and friendships.

this was a dinner out at sotto voce, a wonderful italian place near the hotel.
and as you can see, we were getting to know each other,

here's ms. amanda tibbits, producer
and general "landis attitude wrangler".

girl knew how to keep me in line, i tell ya.

Renee Loso, Lindsey Shirey, and Don Kvam
who, regardless of renee's expression, were the epitome of charm. 
(also, check out the ahead of trend one-shoulder action on linds.)

and, of course, the manacop,
italo gregorio, our hair maestro,
and cari kidd,
the three that consistenly kept me laughing and on my toes all shoot.

after dinner,
it was off to the cafe ideal, where they shot scenes for evita,
and we got to see how the locals
"get down"

yes, darlings,
it was a night worthy of the poses.

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