Tuesday, November 18, 2008

wakin up in the park hyatt, gathering the troops, casting the argentine models, discovering a new side of yourself -

you wake up early,
because of the birds in the trees here.

you worship at the shrine
of product.

and slowly,
get going.

but it's good to know there are happy faces
and good allies
waiting for you . . .

and then, the flow of beautiful faces . . .

lines of girls,
lines on paper,
all intersecting in your head as you try to imagine the pieces
into place.

it's a group effort . . .

so you try not to,
you know,
get "selfish".



Zakuro said...

I like last pic with pig drawing a lot.
funny and nice.

I like kiehl's and shiseido men, too.
Labdanum 18 is good?

editor said...

so let's talk sunscreen. you use 2?

landis smithers said...


i have one for "office days" when i'm in the car and inside. and one for "shoot days" when i'm out on location. while i know i should use 30 all the time, it tends to clog pores, and i'm a boy that likes a LITTLE color . . . evil as that sounds.

there. more than you ever wanted to know about my sunscreen habits.

editor said...

so you use the 15 daily, and the 30 if you're going outside.
very very eeeeenteresting.
i can't bring myself to use sunscreen, but i also hate the sun, so am always running for shade.