Thursday, February 26, 2009

the lesson for thursday? rotate the sun.

we are taught
to look forward,
for our goals.
to look behind us,
for our lessons.
but what if our lessons and our goals
were mixed throughout time,
and we had to find what we needed
by looking both ways
at all times.
or looking at ourselves
in the moment,
the only "time"
when we truly exist.
i saw this and thought:
"i love the feel of the sun on my face"
and then:
"maybe i should grab it, so i can turn wherever i want,
and see whatever i need to see,
i am beginning to think that our lives would be better lived
if we learned to apply warmth
where we need it,
and light
everywhere we look.

1 comment:

cristy gods eyes said...

Most of the time I never know which way to look. I have been known to literally spin in circles. I have a very short attention span. I'm very forgetful and I sometimes blank out when someone is talking to me. If I hear outside noises when I am talking or doing something, I cannot function. If I am not interested in something, I can't pay any attention to it. If I am interested, I am 100% immersed in that interest. I had always thought it was bipolar disorder along with an attention deficit disorder. Something I have had symptoms of all my life. Maybe this is my way of applying warmth where I need it. Could this be my way of seeing what I need to be seeing better? Is this about giving myself the freedom to focus on what really matters in my life? I feel like I know myself better after reading your blog this week.