Wednesday, February 25, 2009

the wednesday lesson : payoffs

i had this posted on my door
at old navy:
and i,
like most everyone i worked with,
believed in this.
it didn't always work out.
that's human, that's life.
but part of doing it,
working as hard as you can for a goal,
for a group,
for creation,
has it's rewards only if you can turn to those next to you
and say
WE did great.
i imagine in any venture it's true,
but i know when you are in a creative field it is for sure,
it is the team, not the individual,
that makes it
ALL come together.
and living more like that,
or at least trying to,
let's me feel like this:
who didn't see that one coming?
what do you expect?
my grandfather handed me ayn rand
when i was TEN.

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