Monday, February 23, 2009

monday's lesson : acceptance

i'm a little slow right now.
this week, 
dedicated to posts around inspiration,
thought provocation,
and general perspectification.
i've never been very good at simply "accepting"
the way things are.
i was raised to create my own reality,
to be "anything that i wanted to be",
to "fight for what i wanted".
so i came across this,
and my friends,
i get,
but i struggled with it:
it's so . . . final.
it's so fate over free will,
that it stumped me.
but, i gave it time, and this is where i began to come out.
i have always believed, as in #1,
that we are meant to meet the people we meet in life,
and it is OUR choice how we deal with that.
we either learn the lesson, take the gifts, provide the help,
we don't and are fated to meet them, in some form, again
(and again and again)
until we do.
fate, meet free will.
i get #2.  it plays into HOW you deal with #1
#3 is a tough one for the landis.
i just told tim today my big life lesson is PATIENCE,
and i'm not very good at it.
and anger isn't the issue in my life, FRUSTRATION is.
funny how the two fit together.
so waiting for the WHEN is harder than dealing with the NOW.
#4, whew.
it's perhaps the most true.
and perhaps the most heartbreaking.
my version?
the most important thing to do
is say "goodbye".
too many times in life i've neglected that,
and too many times i've wished i'd done it.
and in the end of this discourse,
i came down to the inevitable.
one through four,
the hardest lesson for us all.


ghettro. said...

aw my publisher and i just talked about this little post, and it's so true/sad/reality/bittersweet yet comforting at the same time. you summed it up perfectly: it's all about acceptance. love it.

Carrie D said...

What would Dagny Taggart say about all this? ;)

...I know, I know. I'm not helping, am I?

cristy gods eyes said...

How much more could you contribute to something bigger than yourself? It's about truly managing your life instead of just your time, about choosing how you live rather than living a life of reaction.
It is about setting up a baseline of what you will accept for yourself. Do you want love or you want fame are you in the game?
There is a powerful, driving force inside every human being that, once unleashed, can make any vision, dream, or desire a reality.