Thursday, April 23, 2009

i endorse and adore : the sunday storytelling crew

things like this day
didn't happen just by luck.
they happened through friendships,
and past work relationships,
and leaps of faith,
and trust in each other.
which is why i have to thank:
miss ashley furnival,
the instigator for this whole thing,
and as you will see,
a rather devastatingly talented stylist.
ashley creates with clothing,
and watches the details,
and keeps the machine polished.
which allows me to focus not just the camera,
but my energy
into the frame, not the surroundings.
marco souza:
the face is his canvas,
and the body too, sometimes.
with marco, my requests never seem daunting,
and there is no need for a re-touch-up.
and ms. kristin heitkotter:
our mistress of the tresses,
the lady of locks,
she kept the girls shimmeringly straight in that sunlight,
and the boy coiffed in the shade.
plus, grr loved her.
and you all know what a vote that is in my book.
these people at times LITERALLY kept me from falling down:
i'd like to think i can return the favor.

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