Monday, April 20, 2009

Sunday Storytelling, chapter one : in which landis gets to photograph half-naked australian male models on his roof.

it began,
as most of these things do,
innocently enough.
a group of us,
fairly experienced, but hoping to expand our books,
our boundaries,
and our skills,
banded together to start a monthly photo shoot.
one sunday a month,
i would compose a story.
one sunday a month,
the team would assemble the wardrobe,
the hair and make-up,
gather the models,
and as a team,
contribute our time and effort into creating something
this month,
on my roof,
in the mid-april sun.
i can't describe the energy.
uncertain at first?
excited, for sure.
the pace was swift, 
decisions were made,
outfits switched rapidly,
boys bound in extension cords:
it will make sense later,
i promise.
but i was impressed by the ease
with which we all gelled.
there was no hesitation,
there was simply creation,
and an amazing easter buffet from tim.
did i mention this was how we all spent easter morning?
the dogs crashed before we did:
but the outcome?
we are determined
to tell
more tales.
Sunday Storytelling

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