Friday, April 24, 2009

i endorse and adore : tatyana danilchenko, marike leroux, and matt james clifton

of course,
none of our skills behind the lens would be much use
without talent in front of it.
it takes more than most people realize to be a good model.
and NO, tyra, you can just sit down, i'm not talking to you.
it takes ease in front of a camera,
personality that shines through to the image,
ability to take direction,
and the skill to invent a persona
from sometimes just the skeleton of a tale.
which is why i have always loved tatyana:
she is the almost impossibly elusive "classic blonde".
neither california sunny, nor nordic icy,
she is able to balance the fantasy and the warmth
pitch perfectly.
and clothing adores ms. danilchenko.
it sings on her.
this round introduced me to a startlingly photogenic young find,
marike leroux.
i envy the name, don't you?
i wish i could describe the energy in her movement.
the light in her eyes is captivating.
and our last minute addition,
mr. matt james clifton:
certainly, the looks of a young greek statue.
but the ease and humor of the aussie he is.
suffice to say,
we were blessed with easy, warm, natural people to play with that day.
and that, my friends,
makes a world of difference in the end.


Wanderlusting said...

They look like so much fun - the blonde is absolutely gorgeous!

Iheartfashion said...

Great photos!
What happened to your head Landis?