Monday, December 17, 2007

en route : buenos aires -

here's a game.
name/count the ridiculous amount of "label" luggage this crew hauls around:

and just a note. mine was by far the lightest bag there was.
and i have only ONE bag.
i know. didn't see that coming, either.

witness the farmlands of argentina.
originally typed in as the "farmlandis of argentina".

arrive at the faena hotel.
notice the preponderance of stuffed animal heads everywhere.
question the necessity of accesorizing them with jewelry:

enter the men's bathroom off the lobby.
question how much marble had to die in order for this bathroom to live:

wander out to the pool.
get bored with the "starck" quality of said pool.
admit that one is obviously jaded:

note that this hotel,
by far,
is not afraid of a little DRAMA:


i am playing outside said...

what a fucking gorgeous hotel.

pistols at dawn said...

Whenever you get jaded, I suggest a road trip involving Alabama and Motel 6s. That'll make this all look right nice again.

TravelGretta said...

I was going to say something borderline-horrible/funny about the farmlandis being overplowed, but then I remembered, it's almost Christmas!

Carrie D said...

gotta love you for managing to pack just one bag for this trip. i admire that. anyone can bring their entire closet. takes real skill to pack lightly.

helps to be traveling to warm weather... but STILL.

Whiskeymarie said...

Yeah, I agree. A couple of nights at a Super 8 might make you see the error of your ways, Mr. Jaded McJadester.

ghettro. said...

you take the most fab trips! i LOVE LOVE the men's restroom haha!