Thursday, January 10, 2008

argentine nights gone wild (breast first) -

we'll get to these in a minute . . .

so though we spend every day in a van running around the whole city trying to find things like, oh, the perfect stairwell, or something we could make look like a service station, or a copier machine (you know, as an aside, that could all sound like we were making a porn movie. which is not true. HONEST.) in a tight little van with mediocre air conditioning, and tons of traffic because the whole city was on strike in one way or another (garbage workers, then train workers, then escalator drivers. . . i don't know, i stopped keeping track), we try to make up for it every single night, by hitting the buenos aires nightlife.

so, we eat outside along the docks on the river, at amazing steakhouses:

loving up the magret wines:

and a personal favorite the caipirinas made with cachaca :

or, perhaps, going to sucre, for some of the best food in the city, with the stunning backlit bar:

and dishes like pumpkin risotto with garlic and prawns, laced with arugula and crumbled almond shortbread. you heard me. there are no cookies in YOUR ears:

or Olsen, for scandinavian food and, well, more caipirinhas:

julia finally joined us out on this night:

and kira had her friend sascha join us:

and we suprised ed when bebe brought in the cake for his bday.

(personally, i think richard and sara trumped us all by filling his hotel room with a hundred gold mylar baloons in homage to the finale of madonna's confessions tour . . . but i don't have pics of that, so you'll have to do with the cake thing.)

oh no. not over yet.

start using those gams ladies. cab time. bar hopping begins NOW:

first, 878 for some drinks and flirting with the random assortment of brazilian bartenders eddie and sara had picked out for us to view.

god. check bebe's jawline. how bergen in the making:

oooh, we were ready to ROLL:

then we were fueled to hit pacha, for the BIG GAY DANCE NIGHT. i know. suprise.

but my fondest memory of the trip
will be those intimate "lift and push together" moments
i shared with kira:


moi said...

'kay, when I die and go to heaven, not only do I want oodles of crap magazines, I want your job.

Oh, and let's back up a moment: "Scandinavian food." Is that not an oxymoron? Discuss . . .

TravelGretta said...


CCC said...

*fantastic photos*

Whiskeymarie said...

You Old Navy folks- you work hard, you play hard.
Even the boobies seem to be putting their best effort in.

Great pictures!