Monday, January 7, 2008

google searches i didn't see coming :

so for those of us a leetle too obsessed with our own blogs
(don't play coy. i KNOW who you are.)
trackin how people find your site is fun. obsessive. fun. obsessive.

so while there were like,
a bajillion people who searched for "puppy in the old navy commercial"
and hit this here site over the holidays,
today's searches kind of took the cake.


01/01/08 15:39:14
who`s gonna drive you home tonight (Google)
01/01/08 15:29:17
reasons to be jealous of china (Google)
01/01/08 15:17:27
fun size patent blog cock ring (Google)
01/01/08 10:09:29
01/01/08 01:43:35
florence faivre (Google)
12/31/07 19:05:19
song from old navy holiday commercial (Google)
12/31/07 18:56:19
matt loewen gifts that play (Google)
12/31/07 17:43:01
who's gonna drive you home (Google)
12/31/07 17:15:47
Who's Gonna Drive You Home, Tonight (Google)
12/31/07 15:53:09

i really don't know.
i don't.
is my favorite "macarena kapoor"?
or "fun size patent blog cock ring"?

one sounds like the name of our next dog.
the other sounds like saturday night. i mean obscene. OBSCENE!


i am playing outside said...

landis, how did you figure this out?? where did you go?

Anonymous said...

You're a bad boy Landis. I like it.

Michael said...

I am willing to BET that 12/31 google "song from old navy holiday commercial" was from my sister, or alternately, her friend. I had JUST been explaining how I came to love The Weepies and, well.....OK, I gushed about you a lil' bit.

TravelGretta said...

I'm just going to remind you, my mom reads your blog.
And now she's going to be asking me about cock rings.
Thanks Landis.

Modelizer said...

I am so obsessive when it comes to finding info like that out.

My favorite is the Matt Loewen search. But then again, I'm biased. haha