Friday, January 11, 2008

esto no es arte -

or so the sign said:

deep in the midst of day four of shooting here in b.a.
so a little lax on the posts, but how about a bit of flash-back a few days
to some time down.
decided to grab what i could, get out, and go see the city. SO glad i did.

this city is much like hong kong and parts of beijing,
where the clash of old and new is extreme
and at the same time

palermo is a neighborhood here in b.a. much like soho in nyc.
(there's even a "palermo soho", a "palermo hollywood" and a "palermo viejo".)
many little stores, some bigger brands here and there,
industrial spaces mixed with gorgeous old stone buildings.
packed with details, it made for a great photo safari:

and, as some astute readers may remember,
there was an echo of hong kong here, too:

complete with "two dogs"
AND "fashion".

blog heaven!

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