Saturday, January 5, 2008

the "pit ball"

who knew there was a name for this?

both the girls curl into "croissants" when they sleep,
and apparently it's something the breed just does,
and it's called (now we know, and so do you) a "pit ball".

get it? pit bull / pit ball? get it?

just sharin the wealth of knowledge.

thank me later.


Alix said...

lol my little girl does this too. and the aussie shep mix boy we got from the pound has decided he wants to be JUST like her. :)

i still can't get over how gorgeous your pups are. :)

Gervy said...

I think your puppies are single-handedly (eight paw-edly?) restoring the reputation of the breed.

freakgirl said...

When my friend's cat curls up in a similar way, we say she's "doing a prawn."