Tuesday, January 1, 2008

some holiday highlights -

in no particular order:

- we decided to forgo the tempurpedic mattress (four thousand dollars, who knew?)
in favor of the large flatscreen
(less, because they are on sale. and not made of "memory foam".
four thousand dollar memory foam.)
coming in january: flatscreen prettiness.

-found a bag. don't need it, but . . .
you know. maybe just to carry some stuff around in.
groceries, whatever.
what do you think? green good, right?
it's all about "green" these days. . .

- i unpacked and propped the new home.
now it is pretty. i feel MUCH better.
boxes make me jumpy,
i keep thinking :
"wait, what the hell is in THAT ONE? what have i forgotten about?"

- saw the golden compass.
be forewarned, i AM going as mrs. coulter next halloween.
why? hello, gold hand-beaded gowns / elizabeth-montgomery blonde bob /
large golden monkey?
it's practically already done, people.
i just have to add lip gloss. and a monkey.

- ate potato chips. and ice cream sandwiches. and sushi. all on the same day.
hello fabulous self-indulgent nausea!

- tanned. there, i said it. fake baked. whatever.
sometimes that just feels so freakin good, and i know, i know,
but i don't smoke, barely drink, and haven't had an illicit drug since . . .
since. . .
funny, why can't i remember. . .
well, anyway. . .
it felt good.

- saw atonement.
key takeaway:
keira knightley and james macavoy must breed.
mainly for my amusement, but also for the continuation of obscenely gorgeously jawboned human beings with posh accents and glittery eyes.
there's an acronym in there somewhere.

- downloaded spanish lessons.
cause i'm going back to argentina.
and should probably learn to order my own food instead of leaning over to julia
and saying things like "mmm. and one of those."
and hoping she translates
rather than rolling her eyes and telling the waiter to spit on my steak.

- saw enchanted.
delightful! amy adams, amazing . . . shockingly for a disney film.

- oh, bliss. snuggled with the puppies, snuggled with the puppies.
taught avec "settle" so she doesn't jump so much.
started to teach them "sleep" so they sleep on their own beds.
so they stop sleeping ON me every night.
sweet as their snuffling is.

- saw Juno.
course, could have skipped all the others in favor of this.

it's brill.

or, as they say, "wizard".

- ran into this at saks.
i think it's the perfect way to sum up the year:

adieu, 07.


Stacy said...

Love the last photo.

Can't wait to see Juno! Gotta support my fellow Canucks, eh?

moi said...

James Macavoy: Si
Kiera Knightly: No

I dunno. Kinda boney and rabbity, although she might make a fabulously fun friend, the kind who would go running with you AND loan you anything you desired out of her closet afterward.

Good luck with the Spanish, the pibble lessons, and Happy, Happy New Year to you and yours!

TravelGretta said...

You have accomplished far too much this holiday season.

Don't forget to check our horoscope. It's grand!


Whiskeymarie said...

1) I have heard tempurpedics aren't that great for the $$. One of my co-workers bought one and returned it withing a week (he said it was really cold and weirdly stiff to sleep on). The delivery/pick up guys said that they saw about a 50% return rate on those things.

2) I'll try and find you a large golden monkey. On sale, if possible.

3) The bag is gorgeous.

4) I want to drive a mannequin around on a dolly. It would be fun to roll one around town like it's your best friend and you're having a fun day out.
I think I need to get a mannequin.

5) Happy new year!

editor said...

okay, let's clear up a few things - did you really catch hermes-mania? happily there is no vaccine. (i have it bad and am loving the red bolide and white kelly in the background. yum!) that hac would hold at least one of your dogs.
are you really teaching the dogs not to sleep on you? sleeping on me is the best thing about my dog.
you unpacked in record time.
hope the flat screen is... as flat as you want it to be. i lurve my tempurpedic. so does my dog.

Inarticulate Fumblings said...

We just got home from Argentina. I was checking out your blog periodically to see what you were up to (we were in BA at the same time).

Stayed at the Four Seasons (which was brilliant, if you ever go back) but managed to make it over to your hotel for a Tango show.

Happy New Year. Love the new bag.

The Ambiguous Blob said...

so the costumes in golden compass were amazing, but how was the movie? I'm still debating going to see this one.

Gervy said...

I was not at all fond of Kiera before I saw Atonement. Something about her mouth/jaw? But this movie was perfect for her rakish thinness... that green dress, the glamorous smoking...

Happy new year, by the way. Enjoy your new place.