Wednesday, March 26, 2008

found my groove in tokyo town -

all it took was a little gray sable,
and someone to lead me a bit through the translation:

sweet jim franzen never knew what hit him.
i wanted to see everything, so he took me to see . . . EVERYTHING.

traditional flower arranging: check.

a view of the city from "on high": check.

cherry blossoms (tis the season): check.

fine dining hidden down side streets that you have to enter through the back courtyard: check.

the most amazing part of this restaurant (well, besides the classic landis desire to move in immediately), was the vanilla and stilton bleu cheese ice cream with whipped cream and chocolate sauce.

i know what it sounds like, but we were all like "oh. my. gawd. yes. please. master. more."

jim rocks the "julie the cruise director" category.

and he does it without cocaine. amazing.


TravelGretta said...

Your love affair with Ambien makes me giggle.

The Ambiguous Blob said...

bleu cheese ice cream... who in their right mind would EVER think to make that cheese into ice cream!!! It's a good thing chefs generally aren't in their right mind.