Friday, March 28, 2008

i love hong kong in the spring time -

maybe for me, tokyo is uptown,
and hong kong is the east village.

it's gritty, yes, but you actually feel the energy and the industry all around you.
everything isn't perfect,
but there's a "street energy" you can absorb as you step outside.

brands even sponsor their own grafitti here:

tim would LOVE this, he's all over the animation,
from avatar to venom.
so i guess that would be from A to V.

but don't get me wrong.
there is definitely a healthy dose of glamour to the grit.
it just tends to whiz by really fast, no matter how frequent:


Stacy said...

beautiful photographs and well written. you truly give your readers a interesting perspective on the places you visit.

Anonymous said...

i love the stop sign.

- editor

TravelGretta said...

OH! My FAVORITE thing is taking photos of Stop Signs in foreign countries!

p.s. I had Humboldt Fog tonight, and thought of you. And ALSO, Humboldt Fog has found a worthy opponent in something called Truffle Tremor. You must try.