Tuesday, March 25, 2008

say SHIBUYA six times fast -

the shibuya area is a crosswalk of insane proportions, mainly from the sheer crush of humanity pushing it's way through the walkway at all hours of the day. it's the home to the cheap chic part of tokyo, the fast fashion, and more than it's fair share of the costumes you see so often on the blogspots.

overall, i love the freedom with which people dress here. for a culture based on uniformity, it's hella fulla individuals, none of whom seem to blink at statements small:

or slightly more distinct:

or downright intentionally bold:

but it's the un-intentional beauty of the dressing here that most often is catching me off guard:

oh. and HERE. proof that i'm actually in the city:


editor said...

love the guy's jeans behind you. the starbucks surprised me, even though i know it shouldn't.

Kenny said...

hey editor... sorry but im tryin to cat6ch the starbucks but cant see it can i ask u too write me back where it is,thanks so much!!!?