Monday, March 24, 2008

well! EBISU you, too!


writing to you from semi-sunny tokyo here. can you see the shadow of my plane from my landing? it's like where's waldo if waldo were a several ton piece of metal hurtling through the atmosphere and trying to land on a small strip of concrete on an island.

(i'm a GOOD flyer, i clonazepAM)

just in and out for a week, soaking up some alien culture. because it is more other-worldly here than it is foreign, and the strange keeps seeping in in weird ways.

like their oh-so-easy to nav subway system. can you get anywhere by subway? uh huh. is it easy? well:

however the street fashion defies description. it's sick. it's chic. sometimes, it's both:

and they love them some american cultural influences:

you can't see hillary duff and the multi-colored disney phones in the picture. because i purposely cropped them out. because they are hillary duff and multi . . . never mind.

i just love the above shot. who are pinky and dianne? i don't have any idea, but they like thems some blonde girls.

more, above ground, tomorrow.

besos, mi mochis!


Anonymous said...

more more MORE, !NOW!

psssst, it's me, "editor"

i am playing outside said...

i found the plane in the first picture easily, but the rest were all too hard. i need to start taking this where's waldo thing more seriously. maybe the fact that my childhood waldo book was a french version is hindering my performance now.