Tuesday, April 29, 2008

avec moi -

you KNOW i've been dying to use this title.

now, seems to fit.

(our thanks to tim, the avedon of the household.)


Alix said...

awww.... i love these pics! she's grown sooo much.

and i just HAVE to ask... seeing as how i'm a huge fan of burying my face into my pibble's neck... does Avec have that corn chip-y smell to her?

and what makes her coat so sleek and shiny? :)

landis smithers said...

oh i KNOW. but it's grr who smells like fritos. it's soooo amazing.

avec smells like perfume. probably cause she nuzzles up to timmer so much.

Anonymous said...


kind of in shock.

my myrna smelled like fritos.
grr smells like fritos too?
that is ...
i don't know what that is, but *deep sigh* from me.

avec here looks like a seal that i want to chew on. truly something i could munch.

landis smithers said...

it's the best smell ever.

and good that you can talk about it. it's a good sign that you can remember.

editor said...

^^i always had a visceral response to that smell. just really loved it. very not-doggy smell.