Monday, April 28, 2008

you know how when you get a new toy, you play with it over and over and over and over?
like when tim bought you playstation with final fantasy, and you were like "what the . . . a PLAYstation? what do you think i am, twelve? don't answer that. but really, a VIDEO game? you spent money on . . . what does this button do?"

and then you disappeared down the rabbit hole known as final fantasy for around six weeks, barely slept, looked up cheat codes online, and got REALLY irritable because you weren't sleeping much and you couldn't tell anyone why because you were, you know, PLAYING VIDEO GAMES.

so that's why this new trick on the camera is killing me:

now i bet you all want the following three things:

1) a samsung NV20 camera

2) a blondie for dessert

3) nars "myth" lipstick. i mean, look what it did for me.


Anonymous said...

Oh, you meant that kind of toy. Never mind then - I won't share my toy story :)

Michael said...

ohmychrist, before I even finished your list I was thinking I don't care about anything but having those lips!

((OK, maybe I'd also like to have Connie Bang))

TravelGretta said...

You and Tim are so darned cute.

But that last one makes me want to yell at you to come out of the ocean - playtime is over. Your lips are turning purple.