Friday, May 2, 2008

what a man needs VS. what a man wants -

i think it's pretty clear by now that i'm opinionated.

and by opinionated, i mean: "generally right about most things."

now that may seem dictatorial and high handed, perhaps even a little egotistical, but i think you all know by now that i am only two of those three, and those of you who are just starting to read this blog . . . where the hell have you been?

anyway, i come to these conclusions largely out of experience (i.e. BEING right often. almost always.) and from the fact that i grew up with a mother who has impeccable taste. the kind where she could walk into any store in the world, cross the sales floor, hone in on the one case with the one, simplest piece, pull it out, and win the "most exclusive/limited/endangered species therefore pretty much most expensive" item in the store contest.

balloons didn't rain down or anything, but it was fun to watch.

so, anyway, etc., in matters of taste, i feel relatively comfortable making sweeping declarations, particularly if they are unreasonable or highly unlikely to be followed through upon by any but perhaps 1% of the population.

it's a gift.

here, my list of the things men really need to have a complete life:

a vintage, preferably limited edition,
perhaps dug up on a beach and in pristine condition then up for auction (true story),

the new marni sunglasses. acetate. part raf, part eighties.

a marni tote.
(get over it. you all WANT a man-bag. just give in to the "murse".)

richard chai's entire fall men's line.
it's a first for him. it seems as perfect as his women's clothes.
and by seems, i mean "probably is."

the perfect closet. neatly arranged.
here is where they day begins, and ends.

it's like the new version of the la-z-boy.

and then,
let's be honest,
the one thing every little boy dreams of from the time he first sees the "wizard of oz"
(stupid dorothy. she should have seen the way out WAY earlier. we all did.)
and finally, we can afford them.

glitter shoes:

oh come ON.

they're even good for travel.


Alice Olive said...

Fabulous post, dahling. I have no doubts in your taste or opinions. And the perfect closet? It is indeed perfection.

The Marni sunnies are fab. They'd be an investment in style.

Anonymous said...

you have completely sold me on the rolex and the richard chai men's line. completely!
i can take it. go ahead, tell me how much that watch would go for.

Effortlessly Average said...

Do the glitter shoes come in a thigh-high?

Anonymous said...

where can i get richard chai's menswear in san francisco?

landis smithers said...

darlin, as soon as i know, you can pry it from my cold dead hands . . . meaning: "get in line".

editor said...

^^now see, what i'm hearing is that i "can pry it from your cold dead hands," meaning someday... you're going to give it to me.

Iheartfashion said...

In total agreement about the Rolex and man-bags!