Monday, July 28, 2008

Bastille night on the banks of the Dronne river-

what drove the entire inhabitants of the Chateau de Vilars from their cozy confines,
through the country roads,
back to Brantome one evening, on the fourteenth?

the charming company, to be sure . . .

big fuzzy hugs? sure . . .

dinner along the river banks? mais oui!

but then darkness came,
and the flashes went off.
everyone got a little sultrier:

and the skies,
they exploded overhead:

forty feet overhead,
somewhere in the hinterlands of france.

(and look . . . i give the fireworks to you . . .)


Gretta said...

Did you coordinate your gloves with your sister's bag? A chicer family there never was!

Fabulous Bastille Day my dear.

landis smithers said...

tgret - your attention to detail is rather remarkable. besos!

editor said...

i lurve fireworks!

gloves, jeans, july! what were the temps?

landis smithers said...

temps were flawless. mid seventies in the day. low sixties at night.

accessory weather!

editor said...

and i was stuck in SF where it was HOT!!! total false advertising. no fog.

ps i rephrased my post.

Iheartfashion said...

LOVE your scarf!