Wednesday, July 30, 2008

La reve de Le Moulin de L'Abbeye -

our last night together in the countryside,
we returned to Brantome,
as predicted.

on the banks of the river Dronne,
sits Le moulin de l'abbeye.

where lauren and hollis and tim and i
took mom
to thank her for the trip,
the memories,
the dream.

there were amuse bouche moments:

there were flavors unseen, and til that moment,

sweetness for the woman who knows how to find it
in every part of life.

who has had the strength to turn her life's conflicts
into moments like these.

dreams on the banks of a river
in a village from a dream,
made real.

from your lambs . . .

(a moment of peace, the waterwheel at le moulin):


Iheartfashion said...

STOP! You're killing me with these France pictures, Landis.
And your maman is tres chic!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone tell you you have your Mom's twinkling eyes? Thanks again for sharing the moments. Lee from HK