Tuesday, July 29, 2008

landis and tim find their home. in Bourdeilles. in france.

i didn't come to the french countryside LOOKING for property.
sometimes these things just happen.

it started off as an ordinary day, no big deal.
i opened my window, and as always, saw this:

yawning, we staggered out of the chateau:

and drove to bourdeilles,
yet another flawless,
dream envoking,
french village along a river:

get out from UNDER the bridge:

that's better:

i think it was from this vantage,
ABOVE the bridge, note,
that hollis found his and lauren's new abode:

yet another river-wrapped cottage made of stone,
nestled at the edge of the village.

(for tim and i)
there were gates up ahead:

behind which laid:

not stately wayne manor,
Chez Landistimgrravec:

the grounds are adequate for the dogs:

tim and i seemed to take to it,

i could,
get used to the views:

we don't even have to install that meditation maze
that susan and diane are always recommending to us.
this place ALREADY HAS ONE:


there was a TWO DOG DOOR.
kid you not.


aren't the little crowns a nice touch?
grr will like that.

it comes with central heating:

you can see the house maman picked out for herself
from our bedroom window:

it gets good natural light:

there's a bridge.

i likey bridges:

and oh yeah,
there's a tower.

lauren and hollis climbed the whole damn way up:

i figure if they like it that much, we'll turn it into the guest room.

mom agrees with me.
no need to over-exert.
there is decorating to be done. . .

and here,
a view from our new home:


Michael said...

I know I'm gay and all, but is your mom single? Luff her.

Michael said...

PS The new place is fab. I'm grabbing my pole now! (I'm assuming there's good fishing in that river...or the moat.)

Carrie D said...

Upon reading the post title I thought there was a reasonable chance that you had actually, literally purchased property there. I could see it happening...

Iheartfashion said...

A house without a tower is not a home.
When can I visit?

Gretta said...

Finally! I've been putting off a visit to France in the hopes that one of my friends will buy a place there, and I can just go visit them.