Thursday, July 31, 2008

the cats of le Chateau de Vilars -

ok, here's the thing.
i'm not that into cats.

it's the two DOG blog for a reason.

but at the chateau, the cats were freakin hysterical:

they lurked everywhere, waiting to make you their prey:

like when "Red" laid so precariously on the edge of the porch,
FORCING me to come over to make sure she was ok:

i mean, look at that FACE!
she knew exactly what she was doing!

Lauren did no better with "Rouge", who followed her everywhere:

that was some well executed lovin', kids.
we will all miss you . . .

and, ok,
kitty viddy:


Iheartfashion said...

Cats definitely know what they're doing. They will force you to love them if necessary.

editor said...

oh my gosh!
okay, i am a total dog person AND i'm allergic to cats, but how did you not pack these 2 up and take them with you? adorable.

Sara said...

Cats know how to suck people in. They think everyone should just nap. No working or leaving of chairs, just sit down and nap. Those are some sweeties!

Jim said...

I think the secret was their Frenchness. Perhaps you really only like French cats.

Gretta said...

That second photo of you and Red made me laugh out loud. Cats are hilarious, and very, very clever.

Whiskeymarie said...

Come to the dark side, come to the dark side...
you know you want one now.

So, did they meow differently? You know, more French-y?