Friday, August 8, 2008

BUSTED: l'eclaireur, hermes, and the lure of paris retail -

oooooooooo k.

this does not look good.
but i can explain.

paris is a city where you can't resist.
whether you stumble into the doors of hermes or l'eclaireur,
it's a city that treats shopping almost like a visit to a gallery
as much as a retail transaction.

every window seems to not so much promise product,

and that makes a world of difference.

every experience
treats you as a customer,
not a consumer.

and there is a difference.

their signage is viewed as an art form.
even when they are closed and under construction, they respect you:

of course,
the product is pretty divine.

and it's a city where you can use that word,
and not feel like an idiot.

you learn tricks though,
on how to multiply your purchasing impact.

cause once the gates open,
it's a little impossible to go home
empty handed.

justification done.

go back about your business.


editor said...

hmmmmm, your take is much more positive than lynn's.

landis smithers said...

yes. yes it is. but she sounds grumpy. which i would be as well if i wasted my time looking for paving stones. that just seems silly.

will all due respect for the goddess that she is . . . go buy a scarf.

Iheartfashion said...

It would be completely crazy NOT to shop in Paris. So what's in that Hermes bag?
And that crystal-encrusted jacket: WOW

editor said...


(i was being soooooooooooooo respectful, not pushing it, not demanding full disclosure)

landis smithers said...

editor - vous etes sneaky. it was one of the "josephine baker" dot print scarves . . . in navy and white . . . i mean, it was a set-up.

editor said...

yes, i have to agree. who can go to paris and b!tch that much?

i've seen that one. great colorway. i've made a... fairly consistent mistake re. their silks - i fall in love with a pattern and buy it for that, without regard to its appeal on me. and i've concluded (a bit late) that i prefer the smaller reissued vintage size. but i'm not b!tching about hermes. no sir. ;)