Wednesday, August 6, 2008

the lure of the tuileries, the call of stone and bronze in the gardens of paris -

from lunch, we walked the rue de bac,
and the antiques galleries of the left bank:

tim and i crossed the seine, and found ourselves wandering the tuileries,
the grand gardens that lead to the louvre:

the statuary of the grounds are amazing,
all styles, all periods, bronzes that muscled their way to your attention,
begging to be touched
or admired,
or at times, even feared:

front to back, back to front:

the great i.m. pei designed glass pyramids of the louvre's central courtyard
are always a fond touchpoint for us.
for years we would have thanksgiving brunch,
just the two of us,
at the cafe marly, overlooking this glass landmark:

and, as was becoming a habit,
the sun broke through,
just in time to meet lauren and hollis at a cafe in the late afternoon:

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