Tuesday, August 5, 2008

a parisian pin-up boy, exploring the right bank, and a "thirst" for something new -

waking up in this city is a marvelous gift.
walking out with your husband, and finding the perfect expression of him,
that's pretty cool, too:

we were determined to hit the right bank before meeting up with
lauren and hollis later when they arrived,
and so we did what any true tourist does,
we walked.

though paris has an amazing metro system,
and it's easy enough to find cabs,
walking is the only way to feel the city.
the only way to see the seine in the morning:

and to break in your limited edition asics
(tim loves his color, yes he do):

the only way to see the random store window,
and catch in it
the way the city sees you:

and no, not everyone walks.
most people either drive TINY cars (the smart car is everywhere)
or one of these (on streets, on sidewalks, they are like a swarm):

so tim found one in his color,
but i insisted this was more "him":

and then, a quick turn into the jardins du palais royale,
for a little ric owens (a flagship!)
a little vintage,
a little marc jacobs,
and a little garden tour:

tim kept insisting we keep caffeinated,
i have no idea why:

and here's where paris weather is so wonderful.
sunny when we woke.
gray by two (so the gold on the monuments GLOWED against the skies)

and then sunny by the time we met the kids.

what? i'm just heading back to meet them now . . .


designerman said...

paris, romance, hermes, ice cream, the light...if it gets any more perfect i'm gonna have to stop reading this for a while...

;) r

Jim said...

So Tim loves the orange color transportation but you have the orange shopping bag...

editor said...

hermeshermeshermeshermeshermes, whatdya get at hermes?
love the coke picture. and i'm paying a lot of attention to your travel wardrobe, packing guru.

Iheartfashion said...

LOVE the orange Mercedes.